Adventures with my Leica

I started learning English in May 2023. The reason was the visit of Mike Metatawabin, Rita Fenton and Louise Thomas, three Native Americans from Canada, who came to Beromünster for the exhibition Aski [Link]. to be able to talk to them, however, I finally had to learn English after fifty-five years.
So I did, and it was slow but steady progress.
To practise my English, I started by writing down thoughts about photos I took with my Leica camera. But soon I was writing quatrains.

The Facebook posts were well received and people found them entertaining. So I thought I’d post the collection here, because everything on Facebook is doomed to oblivion.

Simon Meyer 2024


Adventure with my Leica:
just one steps
from my feet
another world
another beat
spotted by sun
the adventure begun


Adventure with my Leica:
As a walkit throuch the field, the snoke o hay an poppies i ma nose, A thoucht bi myself, maybe A ‹m healit. Healit from the world thon struggles i war, fear an violence. but then A liftit ma head tae the sky an thoucht: na. idiot. humanity canae change, an it doesnae want tae change.
I the end, A can only enjoy natur



Adventure with my Leica:
We saw them resting in the shade of the early morning sun.
Waiting for the children.
Tired kids sweating their little arses and backsides on the back seat of dad’s car,
and starting the first fight of the holiday trip.
Only eight hours to Rimini.


Adventure with my Leica:
Whispering and the breath of silence
comes from the shadows between the leaves
there is no evil and no violence
and no one matters when we leave


Adventure with my Leica:
there was a goat looking at me
but I don’t know what to say
i said hello and nodded my head
and went on with my Leica


Adventure with my Leica:
We saw rain



adventures with my leica
I caught it! 😁


Adventures with my Leica:
we saw a man called winkelried
he stood against the spears
he was not real and isn’t now
and that is why the tears



Adventure with my Leica:

but when we looked at the earth, we saw the sky